Attend and support Alexander's Toy Trunk

2017 NICU Delivery

Thanks to all of the generous people, wonderful young people and corporate sponsors for the donations. We had a great night with some our friends helping our NICU friends to fill up bags.

Caribou Coffee 2017

Thanks to Steven and the staff of Caribou Coffee in Founder's Hall in Charlotte for continuing to support my efforts. And special THANKS to Morrigan (for her art work in chalk) and Ms. Kathy Castle and Mrs. Noelle Zagorski (for the wonderful and thoughtful...

Delivering Gifts to NICU

This morning the babies in the NICU and the children at Levine Children's Hospital will wake to find special gifts from Alexander and Santa's Helpers thanks to the generosity of many of you, Alexander's perseverance and the hard work of these two little boys....